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Piano Trio (1996; rev. 2001)
For piano trio

Duration: 13'
pf vl vc

Commissioned by the Escher Trio
Dedicated to and written for the Escher Trio

Premiered on the 5th of January 1997 by the Escher Trio in Uden

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11 November 2012
November Music Verkade Hal
Piano Trio: Osiris Trio

11 May 2007
State Conservatory Harkov, Ukraine
Ricochet Ensemble

20 April 2007
Odessa, Odessa Cultural Center
Ukraine Festival "2 days - 2 nights" in Odessa
Ricochet Ensemble

14 April 2007
Kiev, House of Scientists
Ukraine Festival "Kiev Season Premieres".

1 June 2004
Nizhny Novgorod, Conservatory of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Piano Trio of the Conservatory of Nizhny Novgorod

9 May 2004
De IJsbreker, Amsterdam
Osiris Trio

2 May2004
Galery Marzee, Nijmegen
Osiris Trio

28 June 2001
Harris Hall, Aspen
USA Aspen Music Festival
Proteus 5, Ensemble in Residence

28 June 2001
Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, UK
Sans Souci Trio

14 April 2001
Ictus and Rosas Residence
Ictus Ensemble

12 June 1998
Brechman hall,University of Washington in Seattle
Piano Trio of the University

9 February 1997
Escher Trio

9 January 1997
Zaal de Unie Rotterdam ‘The evening of Robin de Raaff’
Escher Trio

20 October 1996
Lunchconcert in the studio of Willibrord Audioproductions Veenendaal
Escher Trio



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