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Atlantis, an Oratorio for soprano, bariton, large mixed choir, 2 harps solo and large orchestra

[1] Introduction
[2] "Atlantis"
[3] Orchestral Interlude I, "And through that cordage..."
[4] "Make thy love sure..."
[5] "And on, obliquely up right carrier bars..."
[6] "O arching strands of song!"
[7] "Like hails, farewells--up planet-sequined heights..."
[8] "From gulfs unfolding, terrible of drums..."
[9] "O Choir, translating time..."
[10] "In single chrysalis the many twain..."
[11] Orchestral Interlude II, "Swift peal of secular light..."
[12] "Unspeakable Thou Bridge to Thee, O Love."
[13] "One Song, one Bridge of Fire!"
[14] Conclusion, "Soon, in one violent surge it was gone."

Soprano Marisol Montalvo , Bariton Mark Stone
Large Mixed Choir of the National Radio and Radio Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Markus Stenz

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